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Safecom Mobile Web App Accident Prevention Bulletin 14-04
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The Safecom System - Your Chance to speak out!
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Effective SAFECOM Use.
SAFECOM Brochure:
An informative overview of the SAFECOM program that everyone should know about.

The Aviation Safety Communique (SAFECOM) database
fulfills the Aviation Mishap Information System (AMIS) requirements for aviation mishap reporting for the Department of Interior agencies and the US Forest Service. Categories of reports include incidents, hazards, maintenance, and airspace. The system uses the SAFECOM Form OAS-34/FS-5700-14 to report any condition, observation, act, maintenance problem, or circumstance with personnel or the aircraft that has the potential to cause an aviation-related mishap. The SAFECOM system is not intended for initiating punitive actions. Submitting a SAFECOM is not a substitute for "on-the-spot" correction(s) to a safety concern. It is a tool used to identify, document, track and correct safety related issues. A SAFECOM does not replace the requirement for initiating an accident or incident report.

Please contact OAS at (208)433-5070 or USFS at (406)370-1710 to report problems with the SAFECOM database.


6 Minutes for Safety 24 Hour Aircraft Accident Reporting Hotline - 1-888-4MISHAP or 1-888-464-7427
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