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Tracking #: 16-0919
Date Submitted: 8/29/2016 9:23:00 PM
Date:  8/25/2016 Local Time:  1440 Injuries:  No Damage:  Yes
Location:  Santa Maria Airport {SMX} State:  California
Operational Control:  Forest Service (USFS) > Region 05 Pacific Southwest Region > Los Padres NF
Type: Fire, Retardant Other:
Procurement: Exclusive use contract Other:
Persons Onboard: 3 Special Use:  Hazardous Materials: 
Departure Point: Rey fire Destination:  SMX
Manufacturer:  Model:  DC10

At approximately 1440, T-XXX made a normal approach and landing at SMX. After touchdown and the grounding of nose gear, the {{{#}}}2 engine thrust reverser was deployed with normal indications. All indications were normal during landing rollout. Chief pilot then stowed the {{{#}}}2 reverser and received indication that the {{{#}}}2 reverser was unlocked. Appropriate checklist was performed and engine was shut down. Airtanker Base was notified that the aircraft had a maintenance issue and needed an appropriate place to park. Pilot was then notified by Air Traffic Control that they had ``lost a piece of the aircraft on the runway``. The part was immediately removed by airport employees and the aircraft taxied to the Airtanker Base Ramp without further incident.

Regional Aviation Maintenance Inspector {RAMI} was contacted, as well as the Regional Office of the incident. RAMI: arrived SMX at 1930 hours and inspected parts and the aircraft. The company brought in a team and replaced the {{{#}}}2 fan reverser. Findings: company experts concluded that upon the {{{#}}}2 reverser cowl stowing, it somehow bound up at one of the guides and the three brackets that attach the cowl to the deploying jack screws sheared and the cowl departed the reverser. The company did a one time inspection of their fleet to ensure no other problems on their reversers. RASM Comments: Good coordination with RAMI and company maintenance personnel to understand the cause of the issue. Impact to other airport traffic was minimal with only a brief interruption to retrieve parts of the aircraft that were on the runway. Also good call on the part of the company to inspect other aircraft in the fleet for similar issues. Repairs were made to the incident aircraft and it was RTCA by the RAMI. Acting RASM Comments: an incident report was completed and shared with the Regional personnel.
Incident:Aircraft Damage

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