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Tracking #: 14-0317
Date Submitted: 6/27/2014 11:53:00 AM
Date:  6/26/2014 Local Time:  1830 Injuries:  No Damage:  No
Location:  San Juan Fire State:  Arizona
Operational Control:  Forest Service (USFS) > Region 03 Southwest Region > Apache-Sitgreaves NF
Type: Fire, Retardant Drop (Airtanker) Other:
Procurement: Exclusive use contract Other:
Persons Onboard: 2 Special Use:  Hazardous Materials: 
Departure Point: INW Destination:  San Juan Fire
Manufacturer:  McDonnell Douglas Model:  MD87

After Dropping on the Fire, The Power Levers were advanced to climb away from the fire. After power was advanced we noticed {#}1 engine was not making power, however we had temperature so the engine was lit. After changing power lever positions, I brought the power lever to full idle, after 10 seconds I applied power slowly and the engine responded, and we returned to base with no further incident.

Engines are being inspected today {6/27/2014} for any possible discrepancies. RASM comments: Good communication with the AMI points of contact. Subsequent action involved the vendor voluntarily standing down the model aircraft until further information and resolution can be found. One suggested concern is retardant being ingested into the engines affecting power. The company is being very proactive in aviation safety. Thanks for reporting the situation and providing valuable information.

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